Jothe Jotheyali: Will Anu And Arya Grow Apart Permanently?

Anu is only giving Arya more reasons to be angry with her; Will they be able to fix this misunderstanding?


July 30, 2020


3 min


In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, we see Meera and Anu dealing with their own set of problems. While Anu expresses her grief with regard to Arya, Ramya consoles her to tell her that if they can confess their feelings to each other, it will solve a lot of problems. However, they are too stubborn to do the same. Anu also tells Ramya that she is afraid Arya will never look at her again with love and will always be angry with her.

In this episode, we see that Arya is walking up and down in his office as Anu has not shown up at the office the next day. He wonders why she has been slacking off recently and if she is doing it purposely. Just then Jhende comes in and asks him why he is so worried to which Arya asks him if Anu had given any sort of leave letter informing them that she will not be coming into the office. The two of them start arguing when Jhende tells him that he should never have given her such responsibilities at such a young age. He also calls Anu a liar and tells Arya that she is not even honest. This makes Arya angrier when he tells Jhende that he has no right to call Anu a liar when he himself has lied so much about Anu. A also tells him not to tell Meera that he is upset as she will start showing him extra affection that he does not want.

Sharada Devi visits Anu's house
Sharada Devi visits Anu’s house

Elsewhere, Sharada Devi decides to go to Anu’s house. Ramya and Anu are discussing the issue with Arya when they see Sharada Devi walking in. Anu is more than delighted to see her and welcomes her into the house. Pushpa is in awe to see her and offers her something to drink. They have a long conversation about Arya and his family background while Anu tells them stories that Arya has told her in the past. While leaving, Sharada Devi tells Anu that she will come back another time with Arya and gives her a jewel set as a token of appreciation. Anu is taken aback to see so much gold but thanks her regardless.

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