Jothe Jotheyali: Why Does Anu Skip Work And Lie To Arya About The Same?


August 1, 2020


3 min

In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, we see that Sharada Devi leaves jewellery for Anu to wear on a special occasion. Anu also calls her and tells her that it is gold which means it is very expensive and she shouldn’t have given it to her. Sharada Devi tells her that she deserves it as she has worked very hard in the office and it was a desire for her to give her that set. Pushpa and Anu also talk about it and what Subbu will say about the same.

In this episode, we see that Arya and Anu are still not on talking to each other. Harsha comes to Arya’s cabin and tells him that he has been a little sad these past few days and asks him what has happened. Arya doesn’t say anything to the same when Harsha excitedly tells him that they should call Anu and ask her to narrate one of her stories so that Arya’s mind gets distracted and he cheers. Additionally, he tells Arya that Anu should be the one to plan the ethnic day that will be happening in a couple of days. Arya tries to hide his true feelings and tells Harsha that they mustn’t discuss someone who has not even come to the office. Harsha calls Anu and tells her that Arya is not in a good mood and asks her to narrate a story.

Anu lies about her fever
Anu lies about her fever

However, when Arya speaks up, Anu tells him that she has a high fever which is why she was not able to come to the office. Harsha leaves. Arya gets extremely concerned with her and tells her to take care. He also orders for medicines so that he can give to her.

Just then, Jhende comes in and tells Arya that he was right about Anu all along and at least now he must understand that she is not the right person for him. Arya tells him that he is in love with Anu and while he has a lot of respect for Meera, he does not have any sort of feelings for her. He also says that Jhende should stop trying to help Meera and him unite as that is never going to happen.

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