How Sharada Devi, Jhende And Subbu Play A Pivotal Role In Jothe Jotheyali

Here are the three supporting characters who take the plot forward in Jothe Jotheyali


March 30, 2020

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While Anu and Arya’s love story creates all the chills as they come closer with every episode, we must consider that there are specific characters who make this romantic story as exciting and heart-warming as it is! Here are the three main supporting characters who have not only taken the story forward but have been able to bring out the aspect of realness through their characters.

Sharada Devi

They say there’s a woman behind every man’s success. In the case of Arya and Harsha from Jothe Jotheyali, Sharada Devi, too, has played an instrumental role in their lives. Having brought them up single-handedly, she is a role model to them. Arya has created an empire for himself and won the hearts of many because of his genuine intention and honesty with which he has carried out his business. While Harsha has settled down with Mansi, Arya is still unmarried at the age of 45. However, she constantly encourages him to find himself a partner. Sharada Devi shows her support by saying that age has no role to play when it comes to love.

Source: ZEE5
Source: ZEE5


Jhende and Arya have known each other for a long time. The two struggled together while climbing up the success ladder and have stuck by each other ever since. Jhende is an advisor at Vardhan Group Of Companies (Arya’s firm) and also Arya’s guardian. The duo has had their share of ups and downs but what has got them going is the trust that they have in each other. When Arya falls in love with Anu, Jhende does not approve of this relationship and does everything he can to create a rift between the two. However, he does this, with good intentions. He wishes to protect Arya as he believes him getting together with a girl 20 years younger to him is a bad idea.

Source: ZEE5
Source: ZEE5


Subbu is absolutely genuine and his love for his family along with his honesty for his profession is commendable. He brings about a twist to the story when he explains to Anu why she shouldn’t be going to London before completing her studies. He gently explains to her that she must give her exams and get her results after which she can think about going to another country. While the show is able to develop a certain excitement for Anu and Arya who would have traveled to London, Subbu brings about logic and the aspect of reality which becomes all the more relatable for the audience. When everyone in the neighbourhood notices Arya’s frequent visits to Anu’s house, they begin to taunt Subbu and Pushpa about the same. Subbu then goes onto talking to Neel in order to arrange Anu’s marriage with him.

A Tired Still Of Subbu
Source: ZEE5

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