Jothe Jotheyali: Here’s What You Can Look Forward To In The New Episodes Of The Show


June 1, 2020

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In the previous episodes of Jothe Jotheyali, Meera analyses the change in Arya’s behaviour ever since Anu has entered his life and realises that he has become very emotional. As a result, she develops a stronger hatred towards Anu. The latter also sees that Subbu has been reading the Gurucharitra and asks her mother about the same.

Well, on the brighter side, Arya has realised his feelings for Anu and intends to confess the same to her. Anu, too, cannot wait for Arya to tell her his feelings so that she can express her love to him. Jhende, however, doesn’t seem very happy with this situation and takes every step to discourage Arya from taking anything forward with Anu. Arya has an emotional moment with Jhende and asks him to support him as he always as. We wonder if Jhende will change his views about Anu and support Arya in this new journey.

Arya and Jhende
A still of Arya and Jhende

Sharada Devi, on the other hand, goes to meet Anu but Jhende comes in the way. She is, however, hell-bent upon meeting Anu whom she also bumped into at the temple. Will she finally be able to meet Anu and accept her into her family?

Subbu, elsewhere, wants Neel to get married to Anu and goes to Arya to seek help for the same. Arya is disappointed as it occurs to him that Subbu might not approve of his relationship with Anu, given their age gap. What really keeps us waiting is if Subbu will accept their love for each other.

Jothe Jotheyali 01 April 2020 Written Update_ Subbu Asks Arya To Unite Neel And Anu
Subbu talks to Arya about Anu

Meanwhile, Meera is frustrated with Arya and his attraction for Anu, so much so, that she begins to cry in front of Jhende. Is Meera in love with Arya? And will she confess the same if she is?

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