Jothe Jotheyali December 6 2019 Written Update: Arya And Anu Spend Time Together


December 6, 2019

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In the previous episode, Anu completes her research project with her team who is very happy with her. She takes the team to her father’s saree shop where her father explains in detail all the information they wanted to learn about sarees. After the research she reveals to them that the owner is her father. Meanwhile, Arya, vexed and confused finds out where Anu is and goes to apologise to her.

In this episode, Arya and Anu sort their problems out and are talking to each other again. They’re walking down food street and he expresses his concern for her. At home, Anu’s father tells her mother how his day went and that Anu had come to his shop for a survey. The two are very proud of their daughter and decide to celebrate by going out for dinner. As Anu hasn’t come back home, her parents tell their nosy neighbour, Rajini, to inform Anu that they’ve gone out. Rajini asks why they’re going out for no reason and that this must be a result of associating with Arya. In addition, the Rajini’s brother predicts the future to say that Aaryavardhan will cause a lot of problems in the future which Anu’s brother overhears.

Meanwhile, Anu and Arya are having dinner together and spend some quality time. Anu explains her idea of love which leaves Arya puzzled.

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