Jothe Jotheyali December 13 2019 Preview: Anu And Arya’s 24 Hour Challenge


December 12, 2019

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In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Jhende tells Arya that he is a source of inspiration to lakhs of people and the decision he makes will affect his reputation and his company. Arya decides to give Anu a transfer which Anu accepts. However, Anu has a condition. She tells Arya that if the two keep away from each other for the next 24 hours, Arya will have to confess his feelings for her.

In the next episode, Anu tells Ramya and Jhende tells Meera that Anu and Arya must not meet for the next 24 hours. Ramya and her other friend decide to make a plan where Anu and Arya can meet within 24 hours. Jhende tells Arya this and tells him that he can prove the same.

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