Jothe Jotheyali December 12 2019 Written Update: Anu Gets Transferred


December 12, 2019

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In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Anu begins to cry to Ramya about the fact that she might never be able to get married to Arya. Jhende and Arya revisit an old tea stall and start reminiscing about their times together. However, Jhende also tells Arya to take a stand with regard to Anu.

In this episode, Jhende explains the situation that Arya has put himself in. Jhende tells Arya that he has built a name and a reputation for himself that he must not give up in the name of love. He tells him that there is a huge age gap between the two of them. Anu has not even completed her college yet and Arya has already crossed the age of 40. Jhende, as a concerned friend, tells him that he will always be there to support Arya. But it is necessary for him to make the right decision.

Throughout everything that Jhende says, Arya doesn’t say anything. He is worried and is upset about this situation. He also tells Jhende that he doesn’t love Anu and only has fate in her. Jhende tells Arya not to lie to him. Jhende tells Arya to think about the innumerable people who look upto him and advices him not to spoil that sort of reputation. Meanwhile, Anu is still upset that she might not get married to Arya.

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The next morning, Anu’s parents have an argument with regard to Anu’s marriage. Anu’s mother wants to get her married immediately while Anu’s father wants to talk to Anu before making any decision. At the office, Arya decides to give Anu a transfer to Hubli. Anu agrees to take the offer but she also tells him that transferring her will not help him forget his feelings for her. Arya tries to deny it but Anu tells him that if they stay away from each other for the next 24 hours, Arya will have to confess his feelings for her.

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