Jothe Jotheyali December 11 2019 Written Update: Anu Begins To Cry


December 11, 2019

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In the previous episode, Shetty, an investor accuses Anu of being arrogant. Anu doesn’t say anything in her defense. However, another investor tells Arya that Anu was not at fault and was only defending the reputation of the company. Arya realises that Anu was not at fault.

In this episode, Jhende tells Arya that he finally had to accept that Anu was not at fault. That night, Anu tells her friend Ramya that she doesn’t understand Arya’s behaviour. Sometimes he’s polite and nice to her and sometimes he’s not. Just then another friend of Anu other friend suggests that she take a rose and pluck each petal to see if she’ll get married to Arya or not. The last petal plucked will decide the same. Having plucked the petals of the rose, Anu’s last petal decides that she will not get married to Arya. This breaks her heart.


The same evening, Jhende and Arya spend some quality time at a tea stall. The two begin to talk about age and every fleeting moment. Arya says that it has been 25 years since they revisited that tea stall. They continue to talk about how life has changed since then. Towards the end of the conversation, Jhende tells Arya that they were at an age where they had the freedom to do as per their wish.  But now, they’re old. Arya gets disturbed by the thought.

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