Jothe Jotheyali December 11 2019 Preview: Jhende Tells Arya To Take A Stand


December 10, 2019

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In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali , an investor, Shetty accuses Meera and Arya to be in a relationship. Anu stops him and tells him to act in a respectable manner. Shetty calls Meera up and tells her that Anu was very arrogant towards him. As a result, Arya keeps her termination letter ready. Arya finds out the real story through another investor who says that Anu was never at fault. Meera apologises for accusing Anu and tears her termination letter.

In the next episode, Arya and Jhende are out having tea. Jhende tells Arya that Anu is still in college and he has passed a certain age. He tells Arya that being a public figure, he needs to take a stand about how he feels with regard to Anu.

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