Jothe Jotheyali: Raghupathi Shouts At Ramya For Spending Too Much Time With Anu

Check out what happened with Arya and Anu and Meera and Jhende in the recent episodes of Jothe Jotheyali


July 29, 2020


3 min


In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, we see that Anu has come late to the office. While both of them might have a developing relationship, in an office surrounding, Anu must make sure that she is on time especially when she has been assigned a more important responsibility.

In this episode, we see Meera and Anu dealing with their own set of problems. While Anu expresses her grief with regard to Arya, Ramya consoles her to tell her that if they can confess their feelings to each other, it will solve a lot of problems. However, they are too stubborn to do the same. Anu also tells Ramya that she is afraid Arya will never look at her again with love and will always be angry with her. To that, Sampath and Ramya tell her not to think so much about the same and instead think of a way to confess her love. Later that night, Raghupathi shouts at Ramya for spending too much time with Anu and getting influenced in a negative manner.

Jhende and Meera speak
Jhende and Meera speak

Meera, on the other hand, tells Jhende that she is utterly confused with Arya’s behaviour as he has been disturbed ever since the inauguration and it is only because Anu was dressed differently. Before Jhende can even say anything, she tells him that a girl who comes from such a small and poor background has made such a big difference in his life while she has been in his life for 10 years and her presence or absence does not affect him to that extent. Jhende tells her to be patient as Arya will come to the realisation that Meera is important and an ideal partner to him. He also says that Arya is overwhelmed with a number of emotions and does not know what to do as Anu has some kind of magic within her that captures Arya and his ability to think rationally.

Sharada Devi, elsewhere, decides to go to Anu’s house and gift her some jewels.

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