Jothe Jotheyali 9 December 2019 Preview: Anu’s Parents See Anu With Arya


December 6, 2019

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In the previous episode, Anu and Arya sort out their problems and spend time together. They eat dinner together whereas elsewhere, Anu’s parents decide to go out for dinner. As they’re leaving, Ranjini passes sarcastic comments about how they’re able to go out and eat because Arya gives them money. Rajini’s brother also predicts that something bad will happen because of Arya. Elsewhere, Anu explains her idea of love to Arya that leaves him puzzled.

In next week’s episode, Arya and Anu and Anu’s parents cross paths at the same food street. Anu’s parents having heard Rajini’s comments are not too happy to see her with Arya.

What will Anu’s parents tell Anu?

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