Jothe Jotheyali 30 March 2020 Written Update: Arya Talks To Anu About Always Saving Him


March 30, 2020

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In the previous episode of Jothe JotheyaliArya wishes Neel all the luck and tells him that he will become big someday and leaves. Jhende tells Neel that his flight ticket along with his college admission will be arranged. Elsewhere, Mansi taunts Sharada Devi and tells her that she never wants to listen to her. Jhende and Arya, meanwhile, have gone to confront Jhalander.

In this episode, Jhende comes to the hospital to see a man who has been beaten up and admitted there. He leaves a letter for the man telling him that he has created damage in a way that it will hurt Arya in an unimaginable manner. The man, in turn, tells Jhende that he has been waiting to seek revenge for the past 20 years and will not give up now. Jhende leaves the hospital with the intention of saving Arya. Meanwhile, Anu has left home to go to the office. Pushpa asks her why she has been so lost since her exams have gotten over. Pushpa tells her to wait as she will give her Subbu’s lunch box too. Anu, however, walks off as she is lost in her own thoughts.

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Later that day, Arya and Jhende are talking in the office where Arya asks himself why he didn’t pay more attention to Neel and that he should have been more careful. However, as he was Mansi’s recommendation, they did not pay much heed to him. He also hopes that Anu doesn’t get harmed in any way. Arya continues to say that Anu has always been the one to save him from any kind of attack and that there is something very powerful about her and her presence.

Jhende mocks her and tells him that it is not him but Anu who has protected him from everything. Anu reaches work. Jhende tells Anu that he thought he was clear about not coming back to work but she was selfish as ever. Anu tells her that she only came to the office because Arya called her and she didn’t want to mean any sort of disrespect. As the two are conversing, she asks Arya if she is a danger to his life. Arya says that his life is meaningless without her.

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