Jothe Jotheyali 3 December 2019 Written Update: Does Destiny Exist?


December 3, 2019

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Anu brings in a glass of water along with Arya’s tablets. Arya unintentionally begins venting out his feelings and calls Anu self-centered who only cares about her own feelings. He tells her to be considerate about the people around her instead of acting like she’s the centre of the universe. Anu ignores everything he says and keeps telling to take the tablet. Angry with her response, Arya throws the glass of water.

Anu without saying anything, picks up the glass during which she cuts herself. Arya, guilty, helps her pick up the broken glass. Meanwhile, Arya’s mother asks him why he is so lost. He blurts out that he’s worried about the wound. Arya’s mother cannot make any sense of what he just said. In Amulya’s house, Amulya’s parents ask her how she hurt herself but she doesn’t give them any reason and walks away.

A conversation between Arya and his mother
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Meera, on the other hand, is talking to another employee about a report that was made by Anu. She tries to convince him to take someone else should as part of the survey for that report. However, the employee denies and requests for Anu to be part of it. Meera finds a reason to lash out at Anu regarding her research.

Anu takes on her research. The employee interviewed by Anu for the research goes to Arya and suggests that he help Anu with her research as he possesses more knowledge regarding the topic.

Will Arya help Anu in her research? Watch the next episode to find out!

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