Jothe Jotheyali 21 February 2020 Written Update: Anu And Arya Spend Quality Time Together


February 21, 2020

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In the previous episode of Jothe JotheyaliRamya and Anu plan on meeting Arya. However, they do not want to tell Subbu and Pushpa about the same as they will not allow it. Later, Neel comes to Anu’s house again and spends time with her parents. Pushpa even serves lunch to him and the three have a chat.

In this episode, Anu comes to meet Arya at the restaurant and brings a small plant to give to him. Anu waits for Arya to come and cannot contain her happiness of finally meeting him. She is smiling to herself while looking all around for him. She is also wondering why he hasn’t come yet. Anu doubts if he will actually turn up at the restaurant. However, she is hopeful that he will come as he has given his word to her. Arya, on the other hand, has swapped clothes with the pizza boy and escaped the house in which he was held. He asks people for the route to the restaurant to which he has been called, by Anu.

Meanwhile, Jhende and Neel are having a conversation where he asks Jhende about when Arya is coming back from his London trip. He also tries to find out about his whereabouts but uses certain documents that need to be signed by Arya as an excuse to seek information. Jhende becomes suspicious of Neel.

Jothe Jotheyali 21 February 2020 Written Update_ Anu And Arya Spend Quality Time Together (1)
Arya and Neel talk about Arya

Anu, on the other hand, is still waiting for Arya to come. Arya finally reaches. She is delighted but complains to him that he never called her after they met. She also asks him why he never went to London. Arya tells her that he did not go to London because of her. The two share a romantic moment. She also apologises to him because she feels like she is at fault. Arya, thanks her instead, because his life could have been in danger if he went to London. But because he decided to meet her, he was saved from being attacked.

While the two spend more time together, a sniper is seen aiming at Arya. It is revealed that Jalander has discovered Arya’s location and has planned to attack him. Jhalander calls Jhende and warns him.

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