Jothe Jotheyali 17 January 2020 Written Update: Arya Visits Anu’s House

Anu asks Arya why he didn’t let her go to Hubli. Arya doesn’t reply to her.


January 17, 2020

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In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Harsha calls for a meeting. He shouts at Anu for losing all the files. It is also revealed that Jhende and Meera hired Neel to create hurdles in Anu’s life. Just then Arya comes in. He wonders why a meeting has been organised without his knowledge. He also asks Meera why he was not informed about the lost files and shouts at her for being unprofessional.

In today’s episode, Neel visits Anu’s house. However, Anu is not at home. When she comes back, she is surprised to see him but not too happy. Meera and Jhende are having a discussion about Neel. Jhende is surprised that Neel has already visited Anu’s house having known her for only a few days. Meera tells him that times have changed and people become comfortable with one another at a very fast pace. They proceed for the meeting.

Source: ZEE5
Source: ZEE5

Ramya and Anu are hanging clothes on the terrace. Anu has been waiting for his call just when Arya reaches her house. She believes that she is imagining him. When she asks Ramya if he is really in front of her eyes, Ramya jokingly says no. She eventually realises that he is actually in front of her. She asks him why he didn’t let her go to Hubli. He doesn’t say anything but Anu tells him that he does not need to say anything. She takes him to her house and makes Pushpa meet him. Pushpa is thrilled to see him after so many days. She also offers him sweets and tells him how happy she is to see him.

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