Jothe Jotheyali 16 March 2020 Written Update: Jhende Advises Arya Regarding Anu


March 16, 2020

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In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Anu wakes up shivering. Pushpa and Subbu get worried as Anu’s nightmares have come back. Pushpa begins to cry while wondering where they have gone wrong and why God is punishing them in this manner. The next morning, Jhalander and Neel talk about conspiring against Arya again. Neel does not look too sure about Jhalander’s plan. He apologises to him by telling him that he cannot go against Arya.

In this episode, Arya is daydreaming about Anu who has not come to work for many days now, due to her ongoing exams. On the other hand, Neel is staring at Anu’s seat which is noticed by the other employees in the same room. They all suspect that he is in love with Anu.

Later that night, Anu keeps thinking of her encounter with the man who told her that Arya is dangerous. Ramya looks at her with concern and tells her to forget about what the man said. Anu says that she wants to talk to Arya and decides to call him the next day. When she calls him, she thanks him for the book that he gave her which helped her in her exams.

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In the office, Jhende taunts Arya about being in love with Anu, telling him that he must focus more on his company instead of paying heed to some girl who is much younger than he is. Arya tells him not to be so tense and to take it easy. He tells Arya that he will be concerned for his life for as long as he spends time with Anu. He also says that people will begin to talk. To this, Arya says that even if people don’t talk, Jhende will surely say things against Anu and his relationship. Jhende replies saying that he is not mad. Arya says that he is absolutely clear about his feelings with regard to Anu and all that is left is to confess the same to her. Jhende is taken aback.

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