Jothe Jotheyali 06 January 2020 Preview: Arya And Jhende Fight In His Cabin


January 3, 2020

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In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Jhende is standing outside the lodge that Arya and Anu stayed in. As they coming out, they see him. Meera, at the time, gets out of the car and sees the two standing with Jhende who is angry with Arya and asks Arya to leave with him and asks Anu to sit in another car. Meanwhile, Meera takes out her sunglasses and wipes her tears.

In the next episode, Jhende is shouting at Arya for having spent so much time with Anu. He tells Arya how he feels with regard to Anu and says that she will be a reason that he will lose everything that he has earned for himself. He also accuses her of taking the first opportunity she got to sleep with him. Arya tells him to not to talk without thinking and slaps Jhende.

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