Jothe Jotheyali 03 February 2020 Written Update: Arya Plans To Leave For London


February 3, 2020

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In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, everyone is at the dinner table in Arya’s house. At the table, Arya tells Sharada Devi that Anu’s mother was arrested for raising garbage disposal as a concern with the corporation. At home, Subbu and Pushpa are talking about Anu’s London trip. Pushpa asks him why he had to stop Anu from going to the capital of the UK. He says that she can work and earn at any point but her upcoming exams are more important.

In this episode, Harsha is meditating with Mansi. She tells him they must do some yoga and meditate before he takes over Vardhan Group Companies. He tells her that Arya goes cycling and running and that is why he is so healthy even at 40. At the office, Meera tells Arya that his tickets to London have been booked. When he asks for Anu, Meera tells him that she has been sent along with Neel to another office for some work and will not be coming into the office for the day.

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Mansi and Harsha take up meditation

Neel tries to be overly friendly with Anu who tells him to mind his own business and not try to be friendly with her. Neel is taken aback by this unexpected conversation. She later apologises but says that she does not like him being so friendly with her. Arya calls Anu later and asks her why she is not at the office to bid goodbye to him before he leaves for London. She tells him she was about to call him in reply. He says that she will meet him in person and wish him luck for his conference.

Later that evening, everyone wishes Arya luck for the conference. He is still waiting to meet Anu. However, it is revealed that Neel is working for Meera and Jhende personally to keep her away from Arya. That way, Anu runs late in having to meet Arya before he leaves. Harsha, too, comes back and tells Sharada Devi that Arya has left for London.

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