Janmashtami Spl: 8 Animated Movies Of Krishna To Watch With Your Kids On Dahi Handi Day

Ashutosh Oak

August 21, 2019


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1. Krishna Aayo Natkhat Nandlal

Janmashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy all over the country. The best festivities are seen in the city of Mathura and Vrindavan in Uttar Prades which is Krishna’s birthplace and where he spent most of his life. Another main attraction is in the state of Maharashtra, particularly in Mumbai where we see human pyramids that are breathtaking and thrilling. But if you are unable to take your little one for some of the other reasons then worry not we will make it special for you. Today we bring you 8 animated movies of the most cutest, charming and naughtiest god Krishna and enjoy the festival of Janmashtami.

The first movie on our list is “Krishna Aayo Nathkhat Nandlal.” This movie was released way back in 2006, based on the childhood of Lord Krishna. The movie was said to be the first 3D animated film in Hindi. Moreover, it also featured the voice of the talented singers Alisha Chinai, Sunidhi Chauhan, Rajendra Shiv and others.

2. Krishna The Birth

While the first movie was an overview of the life of Krishna, the second one is focused on the birth story of Krishna. As we all know, every year in India we celebrate the birth of Krishna as Gokulkashtami. But not many of you might be aware that Devaki and Vasudev had 7 babies before Krishna and Kansa, brother of Devaki, killed them all. Despite using all his powers he couldn’t kill Krishna at his birth and Krishna was saved miraculously.

3. Krishna Makhan Chor

Krishna was saved from Kans but he had to live away from his parents for a greater cause. Krishna lived with Mata Yashoda and Nand Baba in Gokul. He had a great childhood and was loved by all. The moment Kansa learnt about his presence in Gokul he started sending a monster to kill the little boy but the boy lived. 

4. Krishna In Vrindavan

As Krishna grew younger, he became more mature and intelligent but his mischief remained the same. Krishna never failed to charm the people of Vrindavan with his knowledge and smart behaviour. That was the time when Krishna met his soul mate RadhaWatch the movie here.

5. Krishna Kansa Vadh

When Kans came to know about Krishna, he invited him to come to the city of Mathura. Krishna accepted it and went there with his brother Balram. After seeing the lean body shape of Krishna, Kans underestimated him as he was unaware of the fact that he is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. In the fight, Kansa was defeated and the prophecy that was made years back proved to be true. Watch the movie here.

6. Krishna Balram – Kalvakra

After the end of Kansa, Krishna continued to fight many demons in his lifetime. This is the story of the Demon named Kaalvakra who abducted Krishna’s friend Udho. Krishna along with his brother Balram and Radha went on to defeat the invincible demon and rescue his friend. Watch the movie here.

Krishna Balram – Kalvakra Returns

If the positive powers come back then so do the evil. The demon who was defeated by Krishna returns and he teams up with a powerful sorceress. Together they unleash an army of dangerous demons and asuras but Krishna and Balram defeat them eventually and this time they destroy Kaalvakra one and for all. Watch the movie here.

8. Krishna Balram The Warrior Princess

Krishna and Balram who have been on the journey to save the world, come across the warrior princess who had been hiding in a giant lotus. They learn that her life is in danger as the enemies want to kill her. The duo of Krishna and Balram protect her from the enemies. Watch Krishna Balram The Warrior Princess here.

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