Janaki-Nanditha To Geetha-Pinky: Here Are 5 Best And Worst Sisters-In-Law On TV

Parinika Uchil

August 12, 2019

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1. Janaki-Nanditha from Jodi Hakki

Source: ZEE5

As a bride, you never really marry your partner, right? You marry his whole family in a way. And even though it may not seem such a bad thing at the time you are dating someone, eventually, things have a way of turning against you. If you are a fan of our daily primetime shows on Zee Kannada, then you’ll know that in almost every family there is that one sister-in-law, who gets on your nerves only because she can’t see you happy. However, in some cases (which we will see today), and mind you only if you are super-lucky will you find a caring and absolutely loving sister-in-law. Today we will look at some interesting pairs of the good vs bad sisters-in-law from Zee Kannada roster to help you see right from wrong.

Starting with Janaki and Nanditha from the recent show Jodi Hakki, that went off-air a couple of weeks ago. There’s no doubt that even though Janaki gave Nanditha many chances to become a better person but somehow that dream never came true. From trying to kill Janaki to abducting her to sending a rampant cow that stabbed its horns in Rama’s stomach, Nanditha tried it all.

Not only that, she did the biggest mistake of killing Janaki’s mother-in-law Parvathi. And what did she achieve in the end? A suicidal death! So no matter how much she tried, Janaki overruled all her predictions, became an IAS officer and finally came for Nanditha in the end. I assume you are adult enough to know which side you are on.

2. Aadya-Sarika from Gattimela

Source: ZEE5

Walking in Nanditha’s footsteps is Sarika from the show Gattimela. While her aim is slightly different (do anything possible to get Vicky as her life partner), Sarika didn’t think twice before pushing a pregnant Aadya directly on her stomach. On the other hand, Aadya is a lovely sister-in-law to have, not only to Sarika but the Manjunath sisters as well, only because she follows the right path. In fact, she even tried to politely tell Sarika that Vicky loves Aarthi, a few minutes before the miscarriage scene.

If you haven’t noticed yet, Sarika didn’t stop there, she instigated Suhasini against Parimala (their common enemy) causing a big rift between the Vashishtas and the Manjunaths. This is so not a sister-in-law you want in your life. But you are sure as hell lucky if you get one like Aadya. Because if that happens know that you don’t have a sister-in-law, you have a sister for life.

3. Geetha-Pinky from Bramhagantu

Source: ZEE5

Pinky from Bramhagantu has always hated her sister-in-law because of the fact that she never got the importance of an older daughter-in-law in the Doddmane. Since Datta is older than Lucky, Pinky always expected to be treated differently than Geetha, especially because she considered herself more beautiful (as compared to an overweight Geetha). Now Geetha, on the other hand, is the sweetest person you will find on the show, who has absolutely no heart to hurt anyone. Anyone at all.

She does all the household work, takes care of everyone’s needs and is always in a cheerful smile. So having a sister-in-law like Geetha means like you have found treasure while if someone like Pinky is a member of your new tribe ( your husband’s family), know that you will never live in peace. Unless you have Geetha’s endurance and patience of course.

4. Akhila-Damini from Paaru

Source: ZEE5

This is a slightly different case than anyone else in the lot but equally important. Here the tables are slightly turned. You see, unlike other cases where the evil sister-in-law is ferocious beyond imagination, in the show Paaru, Akhilandeshwari is the lioness. You mess with her only if you want to get burnt. And the irony is that even with such a fierce persona, Akhila never hurt anyone deliberately and always follows the path of righteousness.

So much so that when her annoying sister-in-law Damini treats Parvathi badly, she is the one who intervenes. Let’s talk about Damini for a moment. Since the show began she has always been after Akhilandeshwari’s money. To achieve this she has to be sweet to Akhila whether she likes it or not and often times gets severely yelled at by the former for her silly decisions. If you are like Akhila and you have a sister-in-law like Damini, good job! You don’t need any advice.

5. Pranathi-Mangala from Bramhagantu

Source: ZEE5

Another good vs bad sister-in-law case from the show Bramhagantu. Pranathi who is an adorable SIL to have is always bullied by Mangala, even though Girija hates when her daughters-in-law fight. Mangala, who only loves money, has constructed numerous plan to get a big chunk of money by hook or by crook and has failed every time.

Pranathi, on the other hand, is a lovely person at heart, and even though she is from a super-rich family (Doddmane), she has adjusted adorably into Subbu’s lower-class lifestyle. Not only that she is happy and content with her life too. Such a vast difference between the two, isn’t it? And besides, like Mangala, I think we all have that one person in life who loves money more than any other human and such people seriously can’t be trusted, in my opinion.

Which was your favourite comparison and why? Let us know your answers in the space provided below.

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