Jaat Na Pucho Prem Ki Recap: Pujan Pandey Sees The Sindoor On Suman’s Forehead

Ashutosh Oak

June 26, 2019


2 min


In the recent episode of the show, Suman and Badal decide to get married before returning home. Their college friends help them to get to the court by driving overnight to another city. One of their friends convinces his relative, who is a marriage registrar. Next day, when Brijesh comes to the court with the registrar, he refuses to get Suman and Badal married due to their caste difference. Just then the Bengali friend Poltu comes in and gives a great speech about caste difference and love. Fortunately, the registrar gets impressed and agrees to get Suman and Badal married.

After the marriage, the couple goes to the temple to take blessings. The priest there tells Suman that since they are newly married she should put Sindoor in her forehead every day. Meanwhile, Pujan’s driver comes near the hostel to escort Suman home. Just then Suman’s friends remind her about the sindoor on her forehead and ask her to remove it or else her family members will doubt. Suman smartly hides it with her hair and gets ready to go home.

Will this idea work in front of Suman’s family members? Take a look at the preview below:

Suman comes home and all the family members welcome her by showering flower petals on her. While Suman is removing them from her hair, Pujan notices a red teeka on Suman’s forehead and asks her about it. One of the family members says that it looks like Sindoor. Hearing this Suman and her friends get shocked.

How will Suman handle this situation? What will she reply to Pujan? Keep watching to Jaat Na Pucho prem Ki here.

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