It’s Time For Vijayadashmi: The Festival Of Togetherness, Colours, Traditions And More!

Vijayadashmi/Dussehra is just around the corner. As we wait for the festivities to begin, let’s take a look at its significance

Sneha Bale

September 24, 2019


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Once upon a time, there existed the Asuras (or the demons) and the Devas (the gods). The Gods were in charge of maintaining justice, peace and harmony on the Earth and heaven. The greedy Asuras could not tolerate this and constantly tried to take control away from the gods to rule heaven. After many attempts, they finally succeeded. How? Well, they sent Mahishasura, a member of the Asuras, disguised as a buffalo and created havoc on earth. This worsened the situation and weakened the gods. And finally, the evil won.

That’s when Brahma, Vishu and Shiva gathered all the gods and used their collective energy to create something new. The one that was born out of these energies is now known as the Goddess Durga. She was blessed with ten hands and a weapon in each hand. She held a gada, a sword, a chakra, a conch, a Trishul, a bow and arrow, a lotus and finally a hand raised to bless her devotees.

Stills from iSmart Shankar
Stills from iSmart Shankar

Goddess Durga was then sent to earth, riding on a lion, to fight the Mahishasura. They fought for over nine days until she killed him on the tenth day. This historic day came to be known as Vijayadashmi. We, the people, thank and celebrate the courage of this warrior goddess who fought evil and restored goodness. It’s truly the celebration of Vijayam (victor) on dashmi (tenth day).

Today, people across the country celebrate this festival for 10 days. The streets and villages of the Telugu-speaking states light up and the air smells of happiness. From kids praying to their books and workers praying to their tools, everyone seeks blessings of the Almighty. The women, especially, create a Bhathukamma – a floral interpretation of the goddess herself. They stack wooden boards or cow dung is used to create a base in the shape of a temple’s dome or Gopuram. They then use the season flora, which also has medicinal use, to decorate the seven-layered structure.

Stills from iSmart Shankar
Stills from iSmart Shankar

Every evening the women gather in the foyer, keep their respective Bhathukammas on the high-ground, circle around them and move together – clapping their hands and chanting songs for the goddess in unison. What will you be doing this season? Let us know below.

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