Ishq Subhan Allah Mahaepisode Preview: Kabir And Zara Caught In A Burning Building

Kenneth Carneiro

July 12, 2019


2 min


Ishq Subhan Allah has lately seen Kabir and Zara both warm up to each other. While they are both still separate, they continue to cross paths. Whenever they come face-to-face, sparks fly between the two. Most recently, Kabir and Zara’s a photographed together in the newspaper while they are going through a divorce.

Seeing the problems this photo caused, Kabir and Zara both agree to stay away from each other. Meanwhile, Zara’s cousin, Rizwan, sees this as an insult on his family planned by Kabir’s father, Shahbaz. However, instead of being apart, in tonight’s episode, Kabir and Zara have to go together for help out a school in a village called Bilasa.

Watch the latest episode here.

In tomorrow’s mahaepisode, Kabir and Zara go to Bilasa to help the school. Rizwan has other plans for them. He spills kerosene on the floors and lights a fire. He laughs as according to his plan, the blame for the fire will go on Shahbaz. But, Shahbaz too is doubtful of Zara’s intentions and has sent one of his men to keep an eye on her.

Still from Ishq Subhan Allah with Rizwan
Rizwan comes up with a plan to frame Shahbaz for starting a fire.

Kabir and Zara are stuck in the fire. Zara tells Kabir that first they didn’t want to be together now fate is going to keep them apart. Kabir tells Zara that separating from her was a big mistake he had made. Will it be too late for Kabir and Zara to reunite? To find out watch the mahaepisode streaming live on ZEE5 at 7 pm tomorrow.

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