Isai And Shruti From D7 Are Like A Breath Of Fresh Air, Find Out Why!

July 3, 2019


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D7 is a Tamil romantic series that is streaming on ZEE5. Now what makes this romantic series different from the typical Tamil series is the fact that it is a story for the modern youth of the city with all the charms and quaint qualities of the young generation. It speaks about the problems of contemporary youth in a very realistic manner which is refreshing.

Watch the problems that arise in the relationship between Isai and Sachin.

As detailed earlier, the series D7 is a youthful story, so when it comes to the female characters in the story we see that the same logic could be applied. Thus, the women in D7 are not mute about their needs and demands. they are quite verbal about it and they know what they want.

Meenakshi as Shruti
A still from D7

Hence, when we are introduced to the two main female leads of the show, Isai (Tamizh) and Shruti, we get the feeling that these ladies are not the typical god-fearing and morally inclined women. So, it comes as no big surprise when Shruti and Isai talk about Sachin and intimate things about him. Also, when we see Shruti recounting her past relationships, we get to see the modern woman who knows how to live for the moment.

Similarly, the character of Isai is not disturbed when Sachin asks her to prove her love by going on a live-in relationship with him for a week, she agrees quite easily. We do not see any hesitation or remorse about the decision that she takes. Moreover, if you look at her character you would realise that she has a lot of restrictions at her place but still, she makes it a point to revolt in her own unique fashion.

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