Is It Really The End For Mrudula In Ninne Pelladatha?

Sneha Bale

May 21, 2019


3 min

If you haven’t caught up with the recent developments in the Telugu TV show Ninne Pelladatha, it’s time to put you back in the loop. It’s been a few weeks since Sarayu (played by Sarayu Roy) and Tarun’s wedding day, even though the wedding never happened. On the day of the wedding, Sarayu had pushed Mrudula (played by Bhoomi Shetty) during a heated argument about the Kamineni’s wealth and property. Following that Mrudula had fallen unconscious and had to be admitted to a hospital. There, Sarayu  managed to smuggle Mrudula’s body out. And now, her plan of killing Mrudula in a car accident has succeeded.

In the episode telecast on May 20, 2019, we saw that the devastating news has made Madhu (played  by Prathap Singh Shah) and the entire family emotionally distraught. After trying to deny Mrudula’s death, Madhu agrees to everything that people around him ask him to do. First, the burnt body of the girl he loves is taken away from him for post-mortem. Then, he is forced to light up her pyre. He does everything without uttering a single word. But the next day, he stops Mrudula’s biological mother Vasanta from hanging a garland over her photo frame. Madhu alleges that Mrudula isn’t dead and he knows it. Tarun and Vasanta consider this to be his love and denial of Mrudula’s death. Madhu further stresses that if Mrudula is really dead, he won’t be alive either.

Ninne Pelladatha Still
A still from Ninne Pelladatha (Source: ZEE5)

The fact that Sarayu has been keeping a close track of the developments leading to Mrudula’s death cannot be denied. But the idea that despite facing and overcoming all troubles in the past, Mrudula cannot die such a death is what keeps us and Madhu in doubt. Madhu and Mrudula’s love has been put to test many times, but each time they managed to get past all obstacles. We’re truly hoping that the real Mrudula managed to escape from Sarayu’s web at some point and will return safe and sound soon. What do you think?

We’re truly hoping this isn’t a farewell for Mrudula. Until she makes her way back into the lives of Madhu and her family, catch up with Muddha Mandaram on ZEE5.

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