International Yoga Day 2019: PM Modi Tweets Meditation And Yoga Asanas To Promote Fitness

Ahead of Yoga Day 2019, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been tweeting videos demonstrating yoga and meditation poses to promote fitness.

Aayushi Sharma

June 21, 2019


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On Friday 21 June, International Yoga Day shall be celebrated across India with thousands of fitness enthusiasts participating in special events organized across the nation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been tweeting videos of yoga and meditation poses to promote fitness amongst the citizens of the country. Modi has been regularly tweeting videos since June 5, in a build-up for the Yoga Day 2019.

The videos showcase an animated version of Modi himself, demonstrating the various steps and postures of asanas. For those unaware, June 21 was designated as International Yoga Day on Modi’s suggestion. He had put it forth in his speech at the UN General in his very first year in the PMO in 2014. So far, the Prime Minister has posted 18 videos and also shared their overall benefits, take a look at some of the popular ones below:

1. Trikonasana

Benefits: This asana strengthens the knee, thigh and the ankle.

2. Vrikshasana

Benefits: Also known as the Tree pose, this asana strengthens the vertebral column, thigh, calf, ankle.

3. Padahastasana

Benefits: This asana stretches the Hamstrings, stimulates digestion, eliminates stress, improve posture, speeds up metabolism, ensures well-functioning of the liver and spleen, and keeps the body, mind, and soul in perfect shape.

4. Ustrasana

Benefits: Ustrasana or the Camel pose reduces major problems of the body, reduces mental stress, rebalances the spirits, and promotes good health and wellness.

5. Bhadrasana

Benefits: Practicing this asana helps calm the mind and induce a feeling of groundedness. It also activates the root chakra.

6. Vakrasana

Benefits: Vakrasana reduces constipation and stomach diseases, cuts belly fat, increases the elasticity of the spine, and has energetic benefits too.

7. Vajrasana

Benefits: Amongst the many benefits, Vajrasana is the answer to constipation, stomach disorder, digestive problems, lower back problems and also aids weight loss.

8. Bhujangasana

Benefits: The cobra pose decreases the stiffness of the lower back, improves menstrual irregularities, eases symptoms of asthma, helps to clear the passages of the heart and lungs and has several more incredible benefits.

9. Shalabhasana

Benefits: Stronger wrists, back muscles, and prevention of spondylitis are just some of the reasons why practicing Shalabhasana is beneficial.

10. Surya Namaskar

Benefits: Surya Namaskar or the Sun Salutation has numerous health benefits, keeping your body disease-free and healthy, toning body parts and organs, keeping you calmer and boosting the energy levels with a sharpened awareness are just few of those.

Include these asanas in your lifestyle for a fitter and fantastic living. Go check Narendra Modi’s Twitter handle for more such poses.

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