International Day Of Families 2019 Spl: Giving Kudos To 7 Best Families On Zee Kannada

Parinika Uchil

May 15, 2019

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As observed on 15th May every year, The International Day of Families was announced by the UN General Assembly in the year 1993. This day reflects the importance that the international communities give to families. It also gives the chance to increase awareness of issues that might be developing in families. The day came into being, in order to increase the knowledge of social, economic and demographic factors that are affecting families worldwide. Zee Kannada too, as a channel, works on promoting shows that are family based.

All shows on the primetime rosters like Jodi Hakki, Subbalakshmi Samsara, Yaare Nee Mohini, Bramhagantu, Gattimela, Paaru and Kamali focus on the ‘family aspect’ the most where the elders are respected and are built in with traditional values.

Today, we will give kudos to 7 such families from your favourite shows and look at what makes each of them special. Let’s begin!

1. The Kamali Family

The Kamali Familia
Source: ZEE5

Filled with all sorts of characters with different personalities, Kamali is a show that will teach you family values. Here, a total of two families are involved; The Mahajan Family and The Nanda Family. The show recently completed 300 episodes, so we hope you keep sharing your love for the show.

2. The Paaru Family

The Akhilandeshwari Kutumba
Source: Instagram

Living under the guidance of Akhilandeshwari are all her favourite people in life, including Namma Parvathi. The family happily posed for this still, in Holi last year! Aren’t they just your favourite?

3. The Manjunath Family (Gattimela)

The Ladies Of The Manjunath Family
Source: Instagram

Amulya Manjunath’s family includes her four sisters and her parents Parimala and Manjunath. Together, they are probably the strongest kutumba because of all the morals they live by, except falling in love of course.

4. The Bramhagantu Family 

The Bramhagantu Family
Source: ZEE5

The big family of Bramhagantu live happily in the ‘Sampigedibbada Mane‘. Two brothers, Narasimha and Mahabala, stay in the big house with their family. Look at how happy they all look. Touchwood.

5. The Jodi Hakki Family

The Cast Of Jodi Hakki
Source: ZEE5

Rama’s family consists of his wife Janaki, his parents – Appanna and Parvathi and his younger brother Ashok and his wife Nanditha. On The International Day Of Families, here’s hoping the bitter things in his family, ends soon.

6. The Subbalakshmi Samsara Family

Subbalakshmi's Entire Family
Source: ZEE5

For Subbi, her family is the world. Her neighbours, her colleagues, everyone she gets attached to is her family and that is so sweet. She never looks at anyone else with a wrong intention, because those are her family values!

7. The Yaare Nee Mohini Family

The Yaare Nee Mohini Family
Source: ZEE5

This is a slightly complicated family but is fun nevertheless. There is the main hero, Muttu who stays with his cousins Sharmila and Bhaira. His daughter Swathi also stays with him. Then there is his uncle’s daughter Maya, who is head-over-heels for him. Finally, the woman who worships him, Belli, stays in the house as a house-help. You need to watch the show to understand this family, but once you do you will fall in love with this kutumba!

Which family is your favourite? Wish them in the space given below.

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