Inspired By Phulpakhru’s Manas And Vaidehi, We Have 7 Parenting Tips For All New Parents

These basic but important things need to be kept in mind for first-time parents.

Ashutosh Oak

August 27, 2019


3 min


Manas and Vaidehi are experiencing the best time of their life on Phulpakhru as they have welcomed their little bundle of joy. On the show, the couple has named their baby girl Maahi which is a combination of Manas and Vaidehi’s name.  As we enjoy this show we also see both the new parents trying to figure out the best so they can take care of their little one’s needs.

If you too are a new parent like the Phulpakhru couple, we have 7 but basic things that need to be kept in mind for first-time parents.

1. Baby talks

Communication is the best way to enhance confidence and self-esteem. Talking to your babies will train their mind to understand things. Eventually, when they start speaking they will also use similar words or phrases which they have been hearing.

2. Your touch

This helps the baby to feel safe and secure. This makes your bonding with the baby stronger and you can actually feel what the baby feels.

3. Choose appropriate toys 

We often choose toys which look exciting for us. But, it is important that you pick toys that are specifically for your baby and his/her age group as it will help the child play and learn from it.

4. Let them be 

Be willing to accept and do what your baby wants to do. This enhances the confidence of your baby to try new things and settle into new environments and people.

5. Be positive

Babies absorb your energy and you need to avoid being negative or talking ill things about anyone around your baby. If you are happy and confident then your baby will be the same and vice versa.

6. Allow them to interact 

Babies are new to everything, and we mean it. They are fascinated by every new thing they feel, see or hear. We often see people talking to babies in different voices and tones, it may sound funny but that is how a baby is attracted towards it.

7. Minimise use of technology around them 

Tv and mobile phones are meant for entertainment but not for babies. With extreme exposure to these gadgets, children get more used to these than to humans.

Have something to add more from your personal experience? Let us know in the comments section below.

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