Inspired By Pallavi Gowda’s Photograph, Here Are 5 Interesting Facts About Kalaripayattu

Parinika Uchil

May 1, 2019

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Namma favourite negative character Nanditha, from Jodi Hakki, has always kept us inspired through her social media pages. Last year, she was seen wearing the traditional attire of Kalaripayattu, a martial arts form practised extensively in KeralaMartial arts are basically combat practices that maintain a healthy balance of the body and mind.

Learn about Nanditha and her father’s plan for Rama here:

Inspired by Nanditha, here are five facts about Kalaripayattu that you should know about.

1. It is 3000 years old

This ancient art of combat is traced back to the Chola dynasty and enables participants to gain their strength by mimicking the stances of wild animals like an elephant or a tiger.

2. Meaning  

The name is derived from two words; Kalari which means battlefield and Payattu which means to get trained for. When combined together, Kalaripayattu means the art of getting trained for a battlefield. Like Kung Fu, this art of combat also concentrates on your inner strength before dwelling on your physical strength.

3. Traditional attire and arms

The outfit includes a long piece of cloth tied to your waist like a dhoti, with an appropriate blouse. The form also uses weapons like a sword, a shield and spears for defence tactics.

4. Composition 

Kalaripayattu is signified by its use of weapons, mid-air acrobatics and smooth movements. While these weapons are important in many formats of this martial art, they are not compulsory. It means that this combat form can be played out without any particular weapons.

5. Benefits 

Kalaripayattu, which is known for its swift movements, helps the practitioner develop a fighter’s reflex. This is extremely helpful in cases of a sudden attack. It means that once you are a pro, you will be ready for any sudden advances made towards you.

To practise Kalari, it is very important for a person to build good stamina because this form is known to drain the energy out of its best practitioners. Your confidence will increase and give you a sense of balance if your stamina is intact. Jodi Hakki’s Nanditha looks just like a Kalari fighter with her weapons drawn close and focus in her eyes.

Do you know any more facts about this art of combat? Let us know in the space given below.

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