Inspired By Belli And Harini’s Friendship: 5 Secrets Only Your Best Friend Will Know

Parinika Uchil

July 8, 2019

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From the time Harini, from Yaare Nee Mohini came into Belli’s life, these two besties have been inseparable. This is because, except Muttu, Harini is the only well-wisher of Belli in the house. Sushma Shekhar, who plays this crucial role of Belli, is a lucky human being, because her bestie has defended her on more than one occasion on the show, and protected her even.

With a relationship so strong, and Chithra watching them as a guardian, their friendship is revered in their fan communities. Similarly, if you have a BFF and a relationship like Namma Belli and Harini, these five kept secrets will totally be relatable to you too.  

1. Treasury of love

Belli And Harini Are Always Upto Silly Things Together
Source: Instagram

Your BFF is basically the treasurer of secrets of all your crushes. Found someone cute? Your behaviour will figure who it is. As if matches were made in heaven, your bestie will know how you feel about them without even asking. It’s annoying and adorable at the same.

2. Unspeakable Things

Namma Harini And Belli Are Nothing But Comrades In Secrecy
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There may come a point in your life when you have done something embarrassing and absolutely no other soul on this planet knows about it, except them of course. Your BFF will be able to see right through and will, on most occasions, know exactly what you did. 

3. Are you broke too?

Namma Belli And Harini Pose For A Cute Still
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When you are broke, your BFF will be right there to help you calculate. Because most likely, they would also be counting their chillar! 

4. Entertainment 

Sushma And Harshala Have Attended Events Together
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After your real-life crushes, your BFF will keep tab about your reel-life crushes from the first one till the absolute last. It is with these besties that you can discuss the extent of your feelings for heartthrobs.

5. How’s mum and dad?

Their Friendship Lights Their Life
Source: Instagram

Every grown-up has had a different relationship with their parents. Nevertheless, you must have felt extremely free to share incidents from your family life with them. They are your pillows in times of lows and will never leave your side.

Give a shout out to your bestie if these secrets are relatable to you. Entertainment on ZEE5 is just a click away!

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