Iniya Iru Malargal’s Aliya Will Convince You To Take Up Aerobics Thanks To These Benefits

June 6, 2019


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Celebrities have always been a motivation for numerous fans especially when it comes to following a style or a pattern of life. So, it was no surprise when Shikha Singh, who is better known as Aliya from Iniya Iru Malargal that airs on Zee Tamil posted a picture on her social media page while striking some aerobic poses.

Watch the fit personalities of Abhi, Pragya and Aliya in the show Iniya Iru Malargal.

Aerobics is a popular fitness regime. It combines strength training and stretching to increase flexibility and enhance muscle strength.

If you still aren’t convinced, here’s are seven benefits of the exercise form that will convince you to take up aerobics like Aliya.

1. Draw more oxygen: As aerobics involves the use of swift moves, the body tends to draw more amounts of oxygen. Thus, keeping healthy blood flow to the heart.

2. Increase enzyme: It is also believed that with regular sessions of aerobics, one can increase the enzyme secretion in the body thereby increasing energy levels.

3. Burn fat: Aerobics plays a good part in burning the fat. So, people who are overweight can adapt to this effective form of exercise to burn fat.

4. Fight diseases: According to some researchers, doing aerobics every day can help you to avoid cancer and is also effective in fighting depression.

5. Add Life: Another research says that every time a person completes the aerobic session, he or she adds two more years to their lifespan.

6. Age gracefully: It is believed that with aerobics, the ageing process could be slowed down.

7. Save your Heart: One can also decrease the risk of heart disease with proper aerobic workouts.

So, if you have been planning for a new routine, start off with aerobics. Go start that journey towards a healthy lifestyle! Also, do not forget to tell us how you feel after taking it up in the comments below!

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