Indulge In Dinner For One With Stir Fry ‘Weird Sauce’ Created By Shruti Haasan

Are you quarantined alone at home like Shruti Haasan? Well, this stir fry dinner will keep you company and it has Shruti’s weird sauce too.

Sneha Bale

May 29, 2020


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The lockdown has many of us donning the chef’s hat and there is very little to complain about it. It takes too much effort sometimes, but the results are always worth the wait and the energy. Thanks to folks like Shruti Haasan who are sharing their easy and simple recipes with the world. Just like many of the previous ones, here’s yet another delicious dish with Shruti’s own crazy twist.

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Start by taking a bowl in which you will be mixing ingredients to make the sauce. First, add some broth to it along with two tablespoons of vinegar and brown sugar each. Now, add some tapioca starch flour into it and two tablespoons of mustard sauce. To this, you also have to add some soy sauce and chilli flakes.

Mix everything together and achieve and fine consistency. Take a pan on the heat and add some pieces of chicken with oil to it. Vegetarians and vegans can substitute it with tofu, paneer or soy chunks. Roast them slightly and keep it aside in a plate.

Stir Fry Dinner Recipe
Stir Fry Dinner Recipe

Take the same pan on heat again and add a tiny amount of oil again. To this, add chopped garlic, ginger, onion, capsicum, mushrooms and whatever you can get your hands on. Give it a good saute and add the pieces of chicken or its substitute to it.

Stir it for a few minutes and then add the broth prepared earlier. Allow it to cook and come together for a few minutes and serve it hot with a warm plate of rice. Enjoy the dinner and also check out Shruti Haasan and Siddharth starrer Oh My Friend on ZEE5, now available for free.

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