Independence Day Special: 9 Tollywood Characters Who Made Us Proud Of India

Sneha Bale

August 8, 2019


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1. Naa Peru Surya Naa Illu India: Surya

What better way to celebrate Independence day than to revisit the beautifully documented Indian patriotic movies? Independence Day films that tell tales of patriotism, of heroism, and of the great heroes — some fictional and some real. We list down some of our most favourite on-screen heroes who made me feel proud of our nation.

The latest record-breaking hit film, Naa Peru Surya Naa Illu India, make it evident that it has a patriotic touch in the title itself. Surya, played by Allu Arjun, is an angry young man who will not sit and watch in silence but would rather stand up and fight against the odds for his country.

2. Prathinidhi: Sreenu

Nara Rohith as Sreenu in the political-thriller Prathinidhi is proof that if you want to bring about a change, seriously enough, even a regular boy can do it on his own.

3. Eenadu: A Common Man

A common man is all it takes to set the system working straight, smoothly and cautiously once again. A system that works for us and we work for the system — that’s the co-habitation we dream of. This was shown to us by the legendary actor Kamal Haasan in the film Eenadu.

4. Eenadu: Commissioner Eeshwar

In Eenadu, Commissioner Eeshwar thinks ‘the common man’ is his enemy until he learns that what they both want is justice for the greater good. While he prefers working against the law, Eeshwar, played by Venkatesh, sets the course right with law and order.

5. Spyder: Shiva

Who says you have to be a part of the armed forces to be a patriot? Mahesh Babu‘s Shiva, in Spyder, proves that even a software engineer can solve crimes and help the nation, in their own peculiar ways.

6. Nakshatram: Parasuramaiah IPS

Prakash Raj as Parasuramaiah IPS in Nakshatram makes us prouder than most others in any other film. His dedication and honesty give us hope for a better world and we’re clinging on to it.

7. Nakshatram: Kiran Reddy IPS

Even after losing everything, along with the man of her dreams and her family, Kiran Reddy IPS in Nakshatram, played by Pragya Jaiswal, stands strong and firm to fight for her country. Talk about boss ladies and here’s one!

8. Nakshatram: Alexander IPS

Sometimes leaving a legacy is all that it takes to right the wrongs. Sai Dharam Tej‘s Alexander IPS in Nakshatram loses his life in a terrible situation, but he saves many lives at the cost of his own. That’s a true patriot.

9. Nakshatram: Rama Rao

Sundeep Kishan as Rama Rao in Nakshatram showed us that true love (for your country) will clear paths and push away obstacles for you to do what you have always wanted — serve the nation. A uniform is just another formality, but patriotism is truly in our hearts.

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