Incoporate Broccoli Into Your Evening Snack With Chef Rakhee’s Creamy Broccoli Dive Recipe

Sneha Bale

July 5, 2020


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Broccoli belongs to the cabbage family and is a superfood that’s easily available to us all. It is a great detoxifier which helps in maintaining a good metabolism rate. It is known to protect your eyes from changes of cataract and also lowers cholesterol. Moreover, broccoli is also known to be an anti-cancer agent. There are several ways to enjoy broccoli on its own. But even today, some people try to avoid it. And if that’s the case, here’s the perfect cheat sheet.

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Start by washing the broccoli through the water. Blanch it well and finely chop the whole of it, including the stem. Take whole spring onions and start chopping it into small pieces. Divide the white and the green onions separately and move ahead to make it.

Take a pan on medium and pour some olive oil into it. Wait for it to turn hot and then, add some chopped or minced garlic. Saute it for a few seconds before adding the white spring onion. Continue sauteing it until everything becomes translucent. When done, set it aside.

Take a bowl and get started with the main action. For the creamy part, you can use multiple things like whipped cream, store-bought sour cream, or even hung curd at home. Chef Rakhee uses sour cream.

Chef Rakhee Vaswani
Chef Rakhee Vaswani (Source: ZEE5)

Whip it to a soft consistency and then add a pinch of salt and some lime juice. Now, add a generous amount of cream cheese into and give it a good whip. Add veg seasoning, mixed herbs, some more lime juice, salt and pepper. Combine everything well.

Now, use the sauteed onion and garlic and pour it into the cream. Finally, finish it by adding broccoli and combining everything together. Check for its taste and add whatever you feel is needed.

To garnish it, add some spring onion greens with red and yellow pepper rings if you enjoy it. Transfer it to a serving bowl and enjoy it with some crackers.

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