In Need Of New Music? Tune Back Into Nani And Keerthy Suresh’s Nenu Local Jukebox

Sneha Bale

April 6, 2020


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Next Enti by Sagar and Ranina Reddy

It’s another day in the lockdown and we’ve all started to lose track of time. Maybe the films and TV shows we’ve been piling up on our watch-list are becoming scarce. But hey, thanks to the world wide web, there’s always something more to do. If you’re tired of blasting the same old songs on your playlist, we suggest you listen to Nani and Keerthy Suresh‘s Nenu Local jukebox.

Watch the film here:

We bet that there isn’t a person who will not relate to Next Enti. Sagar and Ranina Reddy lend their vocals to this funny and relatable track. In these times of existentialism, listen to this song and you soon have a smile on your face.

Arere Ekkada by Manisha Erabathini and Naresh Iyer

Most young couples might be finding it hard to keep the spark in their relationship alive, with the long-distance. Dedicate the song, Arere Ekkada by Manisha Erabathini and Naresh Iyer, to your significant other and start a whole new conversation trying to decode the romantic track.

Disturb Chestha Ninnu by Prudhvi Chandra

Disturb Chestha Ninnu sung Prudhvi Chandra is a peppy dance number. Apart from the catchy music, the song also features Nani executing an impressive dance routine. Neither is it boring nor difficult. If you’re a beginner trying to polish your steps, allow Nani to take your through.

Champesaave Nannu by Sameera Bharadwaj and Kapil

Yet another track that is filled with love in each of its note. Sung by Sameera Bharadwaj and Kapil, it is truly lovely.

Side Please by Javed Ali

There could be more apt than this song, during the lockdown. Every time you see people, start singing this song. All jokes apart, Side Please is a catchy song that will make you ready to get up and dance. And let’s be honest, we all can make sure of that.

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