In Maate Mantramu, Vamsi About To Marry Nakshatra In Three Days?

Sneha Bale

June 25, 2019


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Didn’t we just express our happiness at Vamsi and Vasundhara’s (played by Ali Reza and Pallavi Ramisetty) closeness in the Telugu TV show Maate Mantramu? Well, as they say, all good things come to end. But this isn’t the end, this is just another obstacle in the race towards the end. It feels just like yesterday when Vamsi risked his life and went back to the scary and isolated jungle to find Vasundhara. He was ready to spend the night alone with nothing to save himself from the cold and finally found Vasundhara in a dying state. Vamsi even carried Vasundhara to the hospital and expressed his gratitude towards her.

Watch what happens in the Telugu serial now:

Previously, Vamsi brought Vasundhara home and commanded that she will be staying there for as long as he wants. It’s his time to repay Vasundhara and no one will ask her to leave the Kakarla house. But soon after this, Aparna Devi or Appu, as Vamsi likes to call her, fell on the sofa due to chest pain. Everyone was shocked to see her in such a vulnerable state. She kept repeating: “I can’t do it anymore”. Vamsi told her that it’s best for her to accept Vasundhara as one of their own, in the house.

Vamsi and Aparna Devi In Maate Mantramu
Vamsi and Aparna Devi in Maate Mantramu (Source: ZEE5)

Nakshatra (played by Tulasi Yerra) butts in and asks if she is concerned about her wedding with Vamsi. Ayirendri (played by Ramya Raghav), too, takes this opportunity to emphasise that the wedding will happen since Vamsi and Nakshatra are already engaged. This gets to Aparna Devi and she believes that these issues are causing her pain. The doctor informs that it’s a minor stroke and there is nothing be worried about. Ayirendri calls up a pandit before Aparna Devi can rest and asks for a good muhurtam for the wedding. Turns out, the coming Friday has been suggested as auspicious for Vamsi and Nakshatra’s wedding.

Stay tuned to this space to know what happens next. Until then, watch the latest episodes of Muddha Mandaram on ZEE5.

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