In Maate Mantramu, Anand Decides To Teach The ‘Baba’ Aka Jogendra A Lesson

Sneha Bale

January 31, 2020


3 min

Vasundhara is now married to the love of her life a.k.a Vamsi, in the Zee Telugu show, Maate Mantramu. However, peace and sanity are still miles away from her. Aparna Devi’s constant, harsh and unnecessary taunts are really testing Vasundhara’s patience. And, Ayirendri and Nakshatra are back to square one, where their only goal in life is to torture Vasundhara in whatever way possible. While our poor Vasu is really dealing with too much, we’re sure the fans of this show are dealing with many more issues. Because right now, from Vamsi to Murali, everyone seems to be in deep waters.

Watch the latest episode here:

We’ve got some recap for our friends who haven’t been able to keep up with the show. For starters, Vasundhara and Vamsi have been married. But a few ‘forces’ internal (Vasu’s guilt) and external (Aparna and her people) are stopping the couple from taking the next step in their marriage. Anand and Alekhya still try their best to shield Vasundhara while dealing with their own issues. In an unexpected turn of events, Nakshatra has turned to the dark side and has joined her mother, once again. She no more wants to be with¬†Murali or love him.

Jogendra in Maate Mantramu
Jogendra in Maate Mantramu

Now that Nakshatra is back with her obsession for Vamsi, we’ll let you guess who is back for Vasundhara? And, yes. It is Jogendra, again. After failing to succeed as a robot, this time Jogendra dons the avatar of a ‘Sadhu Baba’. Suchitra tries to save her beloved Vasundhara, but Aparna is constantly supporting forces that would break the couple apart. But without knowing the Sadhu Baba’s reality, Anand has decided to get him out of their house and teach him a lesson. We hope Jogendra is all set to endure Anand’s subtle wrath, once again. In all of this hassle, we wonder what Kantamma has been up to?

Let us know your thoughts below in the comments section. You can watch the latest episodes of Maate Mantramu on ZEE, before TV, and catch up on all the gup here.

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