Igloo Review: Shiva And Ramya’s Passionate Tale Will Restore Your Faith In Love

July 18, 2019


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Life is not a bed of roses, and we all know how it works. Some of us deal with it head-on and the rest, lose hope midway. And then there are people like Shiva and Ramya, who redefine the purpose of existence. Igloo, a film directed by Bharath Mohan and starring Amjad Khan and Anju Kurien, speaks volumes about the intangible power of love.

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The filmmaker has beautifully depicted the bond between twin sisters Vaishu and Aishu, with the former being the older one. Vaishu is good at studies, while the other one is the exact opposite. Shiva (played by Amjad Khan) raises his daughters single-handedly in Ooty. The director has made subtle references to the fact that Shiva is slightly more fond of Aishu because she reflects certain qualities of her mother. But that certainly doesn’t mean he loves Vaishu any less.

The kids that grow up happily under the cosy comforts of their father’s protective umbrella, never miss their mother. That goes to show Shiva has executed his duties as a parent effectively. However, one day, Vaishu feels the need to know about her mother and expects an answer from her father. Shiva, who feels he reserves the right to keep the secret undisclosed, ends up answering her question after circumstances compel him to recall the times spent with Ramya. The story moves back in time from this moment.

The love story of Shiva and Ramya is linear even as it meanders through the undulating turbulence on their path. The filmmaker effortlessly shows Shiva’s unshakable faith in the power of his love for Ramya, also when she is at the threshold of death. The story is simple, the characters are real, and the bond between Shiva and Ramya is ethereal.

Coming to the performances, both Amjad and Anju have breathed life into the characters they have essayed onscreen. Shiva and Ramya look tailormade for Amjad and Anju respectively. The chemistry they share sets the screen ablaze, while Ramya’s bucket list makes your jaw drop.

The film is all about making the most of the precious life. So by no means, we should let challenges get the better of us. But if you are wondering why the film is titled Igloo, sorry, it’s top-secret. To know how an igloo fits into the narrative, watch the movie only on ZEE5.

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