If You Watch Ratris Khel Chale 2, Learn About These 6 Myths On The Presence Of Spirits

Rukmini Chopra

June 8, 2019


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Zee Marathi’s horror show Ratris Khel Chale 2 starring Apurva Nemlekar and Shankuntala Naresh among others, tells the story of a haunted village in Konkan. The series highlights the superstitious practices as well as beliefs that the villagers indulge in. India is a land of superstitions and many people are of the belief that ghosts and spirits do exist. While Ratris is a fictional tale, it is no surprise that some of the practices shown, such as black magic, actually find their presence in rural as well as urban India.

Watch an episode from the show here.

There are many myths surrounding the presence of spirits and how one can tell if a place is haunted or not. We list 6 such myths.

1. A peculiar smell 

There’s a theory that a place can be haunted if you can smell a distinct scent but can’t find it’s source.

2. Sudden drop in temperature 

This is the most common myth regarding the presence of spirits. A place is supposedly haunted if the temperature suddenly drops, indicating that there’s a ghost or spirit present at the spot.

3. Weird noises

A Still From Ratris Khel Chale 2
A still from Ratris Khel Chale 2 

Noises in the house are common if there are rodents or rats around. But if this isn’t the case and you can’t tell where the noise is coming from, they say a house may be haunted.

4. If your phone battery keeps dying for no reason 

If you have charged your phone and it still keeps dying on you, there’s supposedly a problem. Apparently, spirits try to absorb all forms of energy and technical gadgets are their main resources.

5. Strange behaviour by pets 

They say animals can sense and even see spirits. If your dog is barking or looking at something you can’t see, it might just be a spirit standing there.

6. Waking up unexpectedly in the middle of the night 

Apurva Nemlekar as Shevanta in Ratris Khel Chale 2.
Apurva Nemlekar as Shevanta in Ratris Khel Chale 2.

According to this theory, if you wake up unexpectedly between 3 to 4 am, it might be because your house is haunted. Night terrors might not be the only reason!

Do you believe in ghosts and spirits? Tell us about your paranormal experiences in the comments section below!

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