If You Want To Lead A Happy Life Like Sembaruthi’s Aishwarya, Follow These 3 Basic Things

July 29, 2019


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Like someone who once rightly said, “I feel therefore I am” it is important to feel your emotions while you exist. The quality of life is measured by the method you opt to feel about things. So, to have a positive life it necessary to have a positive outlook. Janani Ashokkumar sets an example in this respect. This actress is known for the portrayal of  Aishwarya Shankar in Sembaruthi.

Watch the conflict that arises between Aishwarya and Mithra in the show Sembaruthi.

Recently, on her social media account, the actress shared an important message. More than a message, it was a mantra for leading life. Over the years, spanning across different regions and religions many people have suggested different things to find the path to a good life. But building the blocks around the quote shared by Janani Ashokkumar, this mantra is perfect for leading a good life.

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So, here are some tips that you could use to make your life positive.

1. To lead a good life, it is essential that you categorise your experience into two, i.e. “Positive” and “Negative” experiences. This helps us to focus on the positive things in life, but it also acts as an eye-opener for you.

2. Make a note of events that happen with you daily while you divide them between positive and negative experiences. So, for example, a smile of appreciation from your boss could be added to the list of positive things while an issue with your friend about some past event could go to the negative list.

3. By the end of the week, you must have surely accumulated details to work around. Now, take some help from someone you trust, it could be anyone, a friend, your sibling or anyone who understands you. Show them the list and discuss with them why you thought some events to be negative.

There is also a good chance that some things that you had initially marked as negative might now seem like a little less negative and sometimes also positive.

So, go ahead try this out, who knows probably you might gradually learn to just focus on the positive things in your life.

Later, do not forget to share your feedback, about this perspective, in the section below.

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