If You Too Want To Be Happy Like Poove Poochoodava’s Shakti, Follow These 5 Things

June 12, 2019


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Happiness is a state of mind! It is not something that you could quantify, neither is it found in any physical form. Shakti who is a part of the show, Poove Poochoodava, that airs on ZEE5 is an epitome of happiness. As, in the show, she faces her problems with a positive attitude and is always strong. The part of Shakti is portrayed by Reshma Reya and it is this same thought about happiness and positivity that Reshma Reya wants us to understand.

Watch how Shakti manages to spread happiness in the show, Poove Poochoodava.

In one of her Instagram posts, the actress has given out a impactful message on how to be happy.

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So, to help you in your quest for happiness, here are five things that may help you find happiness.

1. Be you: First and foremost step in the search for happiness is to stop trying to please others. Never change your ideology or attitude to suit the popular demand. Let the others try and accept you as you are.

2. Clear your mind: To make a new start it is necessary to clean up your old mess and to do this meditation is an effective channel. It gives you the desired focus and helps you to build emotional stability.

3. All Yourself To Be imperfect: Perfectness is always hyped. Humans and not machines. The consistent efforts that you make to achieve that perfectness might, in fact, lead you to sadness. Instead, take a step back and start accepting your imperfections, as it might give you a whole new perspective about life.

4. Interact with nature: Get out of that closed room. For you need to get clarity which you will only get in a proper state of mind. Go out for a walk, early in the morning, to a nearby park or forest.

5. Smile To change: Try smiling more, for a smile as an answer to certain questions in your life can work wonders. Also, smiling can make you happier.

Try out these simple steps. Agreed that there would be certain difficulties in the beginning but do not give up. Change is a difficult process but also a beautiful one. Tell us if you feel happier after following the steps above in the comments below!

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