If You Too Want To Be A Family Man Like Shabir Ahluwalia, Here Are 7 Things You Can Try

June 30, 2019


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Family and relationships are not easy to be maintained. It requires efforts from all members of the family to maintain this bond. Abhi from the Iniya Iru Malargal a show that airs on the Zee Tamil channel is seen taking this notion seriously. As we can see that constant stream of posts on Shabir Ahluwalia’s social media page, giving a glimpse of his family life and the passion with which, he takes out time for his family from his busy schedule.

Watch Abhi playing the part of a good husband in the show Iniya Iru Malargal.

Now most of us are caught up in the hectic schedule of daily activities and hardly get any time to spend that quality with our loved ones.

To help you guys sort this, here’s a list of seven things that you can include in your habits to find that special time for your family.

1. Dinner time: Make it a habit to share at least one meal with your family. Considering the lifestyle that we follow today, it is preferable to have dinner together. This gives you time to speak about your day at work, experiences of the day and helps in creating a sense of bonding.

2. Take a walk: After having dinner together avoid shifting your interest back to your work or sitting with your mobile. Instead, convince your family to take a short walk with you.  

3. Speak but also listen: Remember you are trying to bond with your family and not intimidate them with your speech. If you have the habit of speaking a lot, take a pause, let your family also speak.  

4. Work together: Family means to share responsibilities. So, try doing household chores together. Assigning and organising tasks is important. This also lets you communicate well with the family.

5. Plan an outing: Getting out of the house with your family is also important. Plan for short weekend trips or else play some sport together. Do all this while making sure that you heed to the wishes of others in the family. 

6. Workout together: If you have the habit of working out then try to accommodate your family in this activity. This way it gives you more time to spend with your family.

7. Read with your family: Reading is always a great activity but taking out time to read with your family is a wonderful exercise. This also gives you a scope to discuss and share ideas.

Hoping that you take these tips and imbibe them in your life and have a wonderful family life. Do not forget to share your experience and thoughts with us. You can leave your comments in the section below.   

Also, if you have missed any episode of Iniya Iru Malargal you catch up with it on ZEE5.


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