If You Too Want A Minimalistic Tattoo Like Amulya Gowda, These Designs Might Help

Parinika Uchil

April 14, 2019

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Many people, including our celebs, have a thing for tattoos. However, this is mesmerising only to those who have a knack for body arts. Namma Kamali aka Amulya Gowda, for example, has a love for tattoos, but in moderation. Although she is interested in tattoos, Amulya prefers the bare minimum as opposed to loud tattoos out there. 

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Minimalistic tattoos are great because they allow you to emphasise on the thing that is symbolic to you. For instance, Amulya has got a small crown near the ankle and she proudly shows it off every chance she gets. Not only are minimalistic tattoos becoming a rage amongst the youth, but they are also very specific in nature, suited to everyone.

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All I want is ? ? PC: @dii_vya_gowda

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Take a look at a few references if you are planning to get yourself inked soon. 

  1. Do you love succulents?

While majority of individuals don’t like these prickly beasts in their lives, there are those who believe in growing cactuses in their home for luck. If you are the latter kind, what better way to express love for succulents, than to just get it tattooed? 

  1. Teeny tiny bird/s

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Tiny chick @lilianyeeah_handpoke Manises ??

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Love birds a bit too much? This tiny bird will inspire you to get your little winged tattoo and it will look adorable to show off. You can always experiment with the shape and sizes! 

  1. Have a thing for outer space?

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Tiny galaxy by @wittybutton_tattoo · Seoul ??

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Outer space was one of the most fascinating topics when I was younger. Get this galaxy tattoo if you too have an inkling towards the twinkling stars and the moon. And a few planets of course! 

  1. Did you know that palm trees represent the Garden of Paradise?

You read it right! A palm tree also represents wisdom and goodness. Don’t forget you can always customise this by adding on a minimalistic sun or a set of birds, the canvas of creativity is in your hands. 

  1. Those furry paws are spellbinding

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Minimalist pet paws by @sarakori · Tel Aviv ??

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Do you have a thing for pups? Or have one at home? This basic paw tattoo looks so chic that you can flaunt it off with any apparel.

  1. Unique sibling/friend goals

If you are having an unbreakable pack of siblings or friends, this design will motivate you to get a group tattoo done. To carry such a mark for your life is so sacred. I wish I had such a group. Do you?  

  1. Symbols of Space

If you don’t want to get the galaxy tattoo and want to go one step further in terms of minimalism, you should try out space symbols. You can always restrict the number of figures to your choice. Like Amulya, it is your time to shine.

Let us know how your basic tattoo turned out in the comments space below.  

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