If You Plan To Spend Your Vacation Like Rudra In Chennai, Check Out These 5 Places

May 27, 2019


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1. Edward Elliot's Beach

There is something really adorable about Rudra from Yaaradi Nee Mohini that streams on ZEE5. We just like the way the kiddo tries to protect Vennila from the evil plans of Swetha and Neelambari. We also love her for her innocence and bubbly nature. Perhaps it is this that makes us adore her and makes us want to see more of her presence on the screen.

Watch the problems happening in the series Yaaradi Nee Mohini.

Recently this little saviour from Yaaradi Nee Mohini went for a trip around Chennai and she posted some pictures to her Instagram page. Check out the lovely pictures that Lisha shared.

Now, if you want to take inspiration and plan out a trip around the city of Chennai, here are five places that you should not miss out.

If you want to visit a less crowded beach and spend your time, then there’s Edward Elliot’s Beach which is located in Besant Nagar. This place is famous for its serene beauty and clean brown sands. The Schmidt Memorial built on the Beach which was built in remembrance of the Dutch sailor, Karl Schmidt. This monument is also something that attracts visitors.

2. Mylapore

If you want to visit a place in Chennai which a distinct culture to boast about, then make it a point to visit the neighbourhood of  Mylapore. Known for the Kapaleeswarar temple and Ramakrishnan Math, this place is one of the oldest residential areas in the city which was historically known as Vedapuri.

3. Cholamandal Artist Village

If you are an art lover, then this is one place you should never miss out. This place is basically the artists’ commune where the resident painters and sculptors are allowed to showcase their creations to the visitors. This is a well-known place for imbibing the modern mindset in artistic creations.

4. The Connemara Library

For book lovers, a library is their temple. So, if you wish to spend your leisure time in the company of some good books, do visit the Connemara library. This library has its unique style of book placement with flanked broad arches. Built somewhere during the late 19th century, this place has over 600,000 books in its collection. Thus, making it a treasure house of centuries-old publications.

5. Semmozhi Poonga Park

Spanning over an area of over 20 acres Semmozhi Poonga Park is a botanical garden in the Chennai city. This place is a storehouse of rare species of flora fauna. The different theme gardens here is what attracts the visitors.

So, which of these places do you want to visit? Share your thoughts with us in the section given below.

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