If You Love Cars Like Sathya’s Karthik, Here Are 5 Things You Would Relate To

June 19, 2019


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Karthik Prabhu is a character from popular show¬†Sathya that streams on ZEE5. The part of Karthik is essayed by the actor Vishnu Kumar. The character is filled with humour and shades of complexities, in short, Vishnu has done a great job of playing the rich hero who falls in love with the tomboy Sathya. Vishnu is a talented actor who has been a common face for the Tamil audience. But Karthik’s character is a fresh change in the actor’s career.

Watch the love as it blooms between Karthik and Sathya in the video below!

Now, most of Vishnu’s fans might already know about his love for cars. Very often, when the shares a picture on the social media it is with a car in the background.

So, if you love cars like Vishnu, here are five things that you will relate to. Take a look…

1. Naming your car

If you are a car lover then definitely there is an emotion that you can not do away with. So, obviously, for you, your car is never an “it” and always will have a name for you to associate with.

2. Dream machine

Well as a car lover, there is always that rich, exquisite car that you would want to own by any means and at any cost. So, there would be that constant thought to sell your kidneys to be able to afford your dream machine.

3. Knowing your car

Loving a car is like loving a person, you become so attached to it that gradually you start to recognise the car with just its sound.

4. Pampering your baby

This is something all the car lovers love to do, they just like to pamper their cars, with an extra soapy wash, to the rubbing wax on all over its body and making sure that every inch of the car is shining perfectly.

5. Punish those who touch your car

You might even forgive if someone cheats you, but will never forgive that person who intends to harm your car.

Having said all this, loving your car is an emotion that you will realise only when you cherish the feeling of having a car. So, which is your favourite dream car? Share your thoughts in the section below.

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