If You Are A Music Lover Like Sembaruthi’s Karthik Raj, Try These Headsets Under 2K

June 2, 2019


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Music is incomplete if you do not feel and imbibe its every single aspect. So be it the slight variations in the sound of the singer or the flow of the music, it needs attention to detail. And for this to happen on a very personal and intimate manner, you need a good headset. Now, being a music lover myself, I was intrigued when I saw some posts Sembaruthi actor Karthik Raj with his headsets on.

Watch Adithya as he tries to strike a balance between his legacy and feelings, in the show Sembaruthi.

It was obvious that like every other music lover in this world, even Karthik Raj must feel the sense of completeness only with the accompaniment of his headsets.


So, here is a quick compilation of the top three Bluetooth headsets that you could buy in the market within the budget of Rs 2000/-.

1. Boat Rockerz 510: Quite a new launch by the company, this headset boasts of its iconic ‘Thumping Bass’ listening experience and quite a stylish design. Priced at around 1,898/- INR, this is quite a deal considering this comes with 400mAh battery which will easily last you for 8-10 hours. Also, the availability of 3.5mm audio jack that lets you connect to your music, even when your battery is dead is quite a charm.

2. Portronics Harmonics 204: This classy looking headset is a perfect partner for the music lover in you. Harmonics 204 comes with an 80 mAh battery that gives you 4-5 hours of battery back-up and better noise reduction technology. Priced at around 1,425 INR this device is worth your money.

3. Zakk Air: This economical device priced at around 1879 INR, is loaded with features. Specially designed for athletes this headset comes with 100mAh battery, which is bound to give you a 5-6hrs of battery life. If you like listening to music while you work out, this should be your choice of device.

So, it is now up to you to decide which amongst these is the best-suited device for you. Take your time and evaluate before you make a choice. Also, share your comments with us in the below-given comments section.

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