ICMR Preparing For Treatment 2 Steps Ahead Of Plasma Therapy To Fight Coronavirus

Coronavirus infection spikes at double the speed in India.


May 9, 2020


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The coronavirus infection seems to be on the rise in India, therefore, the government is exploring every possibility to combat this deadly virus. To fight Covid-19, India is moving two steps ahead, and thinking beyond Plasma Therapy. Hyderabad-based vaccine manufacturing company, Bharat Biotech has been given the responsibility of creating antibodies to fight the coronavirus, by The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).

The National Centre for Cell Science (NCCS0, Pune, will be working closely with Bharat Biotech, to create the antibody. Specific human monoclonal antibodies that are capable of neutralising SARS-CoV2 virus will be generated to create the antibodies. The antibodies will be collected from the people who have recovered from the coronavirus, after a week of their recovery. This method of treatment is two steps ahead of Plasma Therapy.

Earlier too, lab-grown antibodies have been shown to block coronavirus infections.

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