Iceland’s Grimsvotn Volcano Set To Erupt Once Again

Rare ice-capped volcano had last erupted in 2011.

Sohil Nikam

August 18, 2020

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Iceland’s most active volcano is stirring up once again. The Grimsvotn volcano is believed to be primed to erupt yet again within a year’s time. This rare ice-capped volcano has erupted 12 times since the year 1902. Its last eruption had come in 2011, when the resultant ash had caused disruption in air travel around the country for a few days. The latest eruption, however, is not expected to be as massive. Grimsvotn normally has an eruption cycle of 5 to 10 years, making the next few months quite precarious.

Measurements taken near the Grimsvotn volcano say that the land there is starting to rise. The water levels around the summit have also started to swell. Both of these are indicators of an impending eruption. Being an ice-capped volcano, Grimsvotn’s eruptions are preceded by glacial flooding. Eruptions at the volcano are a stunning visual display, as the lava melts the glacial ice into steam, resulting in a rapid release of energy. Experts say that ash from the eruption is expected to be strewn up to 40 kilometres from the site.

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