Hyper Jukebox: 5 Songs From The Ram Pothineni-Starrer That Will Put Dancers To Shame

Sneha Bale

May 28, 2019


1 min

1. Come Back Come Back

Ram Pothineni and Rashi Khanna showed us what entertainment is in their 2016 action-romance Telugu film, Hyper. With action, powerful dialogues, drama, romance and loads of music and dance, the Telugu movie stands out as an all-time entertainer. While you can go on and on complimenting the film, it’s the music and dance that deserves your special applause.

You don’t have to wait for too long until you can watch the magic that Ram, as Surya, creates on screen. The first song, Come Back Come Back, sets the tone for what’s to come ahead. The number describes the life of a roadside Romeo and the moves describe a perfect dancer. Watch it to believe it.

2. Baby Doll

The song Baby Doll starts with “You drive me crazy, come on let’s get cosy!” And we bet after you see Ram move so effortlessly in the song, that is what you will end up saying to him — You drive me crazy! The song is an enjoyable mix of pop beats with pop-culture references in the lyrics. While Rashi adds cuteness and grace, Ram takes the baton of making it a dance number with his moves.

3. Hypare Hypare

Hypare Hypare will take you back in time when sets were the coolest part and drama was a must in songs. This track has loud beats, colourful sets, shimmery dresses and dance that moves that make us wonder if the dancers have any bones left in their bodies. P.S.: Looking at Ram in this song can truly remind you Allu Arjun’s early days in his career. Now, that’s enough said, right?

4. Ompula Dhaniya

With the weirdest set of lyrics, the song Ompula Dhaniya stands out. While most other songs will make you give up before attempting to match step with Ram, Ompula Dhaniya will make you get up and get going. The choreography seems achievable, but achieving the same level of perfection isn’t on our minds.

5. Naalo Nenenaa

Shout out to all the girls out there! Ram makes Rashi believe that it is important to let go of everything and let yourself loose. Just like Rashi, as Bhanumathi, gives it a try, you should too. Blast Naalo Nenenaa and move in ways that you want to. No second thought, no judgements. This song is for you to make sure ‘you do you!’

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