Human Rights Day: 4 Brilliant ZEE5 Originals Which Deal With Human Rights Issues

Kenneth Carneiro

December 10, 2019


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1. Kaafir

Human Rights Day is honored across the world as the day the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration of Human Rights. Most shows make you laugh over their antics, cry over heartbreaks or bite your nails in suspense. While this is all well and good, very few shows manage to tackle real social issues, while giving the audience similar feels and engage them. This human rights day we look at some highly rated ZEE5 Original films and series that focus on various aspects of human rights abuses.

Kaafir, starring Dia Mirza and Mohit Raina, is a heart wrenching story about a mother in Kashmir accused of being a terrorist. The series addresses and acquaints the audience about the situation in Kashmir which is at the forefront of the human rights debate this year. It focuses on the pain of the people living there, through some beautiful poetic dialogues. The story of a mother, in jail, trying to find her way back to Pakistan with her kid, also highlights the poor conditions of prisions, which is a common sight around the world.

Listen to the title track from the series here.

2. Tigers

Emraan Hashmi’s, Tigers, won the IWMBuzz Most Popular Web Film award. But this film almost didn’t go out to the public because of its controversial topic. Tigers is based on a true story about a salesman who takes on a huge corporation for poisoning babies with their products and getting away with it.

Read more about why producer Guneet Monga calls Tigers the toughest films of her career. Watch the movie trailer here.

3. Posham Pa

On the surface, Posham Pa is a story about 3 serial killers who were the first women given the death penalty in India. As you watch the film you scome across the issues like poverty that drove them to commit crimes, but without justifying the level of crimes committed. The film was shot in real jails to show the need for better living conditions for prisoners and the need for proper psychiatric analysis for their crimes.

Read more about how Posham Pa writer Nimisha Misra went about researching this story. Watch the movie trailer here.

4. 377: Ab Normal

Focusing on the landmark case which legalised homosexuality, 377: Ab Normal, is quite an important film for the times we live in. This film not only shows how this verdict improved lives of people in the LGBTQ communities, but also shows how much further we have to go to bring a change in people’s mindset.

Watch the movie trailer here.

Read more about writer Siddharth Mishra‘s efforts to bring real stories forward in 377: Ab Normal. Watch his other acclaimed series, Rangbaaz, streaming on ZEE5.

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